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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa...(Take Two)

I think I may have changed my mind. Instead of Uggs (see first letter here)I think I want to put said cost of Uggs toward the first two months of a gym membership. I am so close to committing it is ridiculous. I'm hoping to scope it out while on vacation next week. ;) So maybe...if I am really good for the next few days...Santa will leave me some $$$ instead of boots. It is for my well being. I need to work my Diavista again. I need focus on me. I need to get balance.

PS - I realize that a gym is not going to do any of this for me. I still have to do the work. I still have to chose to spend time on me and not on work.


sisu twenty-twenty said...

it's a tough business but you can so do it.

PinkyGiraffe said...

Ask them about a temp membership / visitor pass and go a couple of times to see if you really like it.