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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Balance Lessons...

So I have not been good at balance lately, but I figured something out last night and into very early hours this AM. I am really not living my life very well. My week was full of "did not's" - I did not get a vacation, I did not pay attention to my blood sugar, I did not exercise, and I did not keep things in perspective. All of these things are totally within my control...I am the one who can make my life full "did's" instead of "did nots". Okay...does that make any sense at all??

After having time to see my camp friends it really started to hit me how much I need to make camp a priority in my life again. Like writing, camp is something I just do. I don't think too much...I just swoop in and do whatever it is I do. It seems to work and fit into the greater scheme of things. Thursday afternoon and night were a huge gift for many hugs and smiles. So much happiness. I was overjoyed...and you wouldn't think I could be...but I was. It was just what I needed. This high lasted until about 3pm the next day (yesterday) where work got the best of me and I got totally stressed out again. So much so, that I waved the white flag and left before finishing everything I needed too. It was well after 5:30pm...and I was just done.

I was mad at myself...because I let work take away my camp high. See the key phrase there - I let it happen. So it got me thinking...I can make camp a priority. I can make my diavista life a priority. Those are the parts of my life that are lacking and I really learned this week that they are crucial to my being. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be much better off at work too. So here is to balance...I am going to make it priority. Perhaps if I write it on my to do list everyday...I will actually do it!!

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PinkyGiraffe said...

I'm proud of you for putting your heart out there. It is so tough to balance work and personal, especially with people like us that want to make everyone happy. Remember what I always say, probably to the point you are tired of hearing it "Put yourself first, you are the most important part of your life, it's not selfish."