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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday 13 - Favorite Movies

Wow...I missed the deadline. I have thirteen things...but it is no longer Thursday. Oh the spirit of fun and a three day Friday Thirteen is a lovely listing of 13 of my favorite movies. To kick it up a notch...I added in some of my favorite quotes.

Favorite Movies

1. WallStreet - this was the first rated R movie a there any wonder I would grow up and get an MBA?? And that was when I fell in love with Charlie Sheen. Everyone else was lusting after Tom Cruise...but not me. "Greed is Good..."

2. Overboard - wonderful in every sense of wonderful. I could watch this movie over and over again. I love the song in the ending credits...but can't for life of me find it anywhere. "Katerina!!"

3. The Saint - this movie is soooo my kind of movie. "You don't believe in all this cold fusion mumbo jumbo..."

4. The Sound of Music - pefection. "...ever since you sat on that silly pine cone."

5. True Romance - alabama and clarence were destined from the start. This movie is brilliant. "Amid the chaos of that day, when all I could hear was the thunder of gunshots, and all I could smell was the violence in the air, I look back and am amazed that my thoughts were so clear and true, that three words went through my mind endlessly, repeating themselves like a broken record: you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool."

6. Holiday - ummm Cary Grant...need I say more?? "...and oh how I will believe in those peanuts."

7. Chasing Amy - anything Kevin Smith does it for me. "I am forever changed..."

8. Working Girl - this movie strikes a cord with anyone who has been an assistant. "I am"

9. The Talented Mr. Ripley - Jude Law. Jude Law. Umm...Jude Law. "Dick? Dickie? I know you can hear me. What am I doing, chasing you around...? I was going to say I would count to three and if you didn't open the door, but I won't count any more. On you. I won't count on you any more. Whatever it is, whatever you've done or haven't done, you've broken my heart. That's one thing I know you're guilty of, and I don't know why, I don't know why, I just don't know why..."

10. The Wind and the Lion - what every epic should aspire to be. "It is the wind that passes but the sea remains."

11. True Colors - politics...and John Cusack. "My father used to say that friendship is like the morning dew.......... it settles on rose petals... and it settles on some dogshit."

12. The Philadelphia Story - such a sucker for a great love story and a snarky younger sister. "My, she was yar... "

13. Sabrina - any Audrey Hepburn movie really. This one is my could you go wrong with a guy named Linus...i mean really?? "No, father. The moon is reaching for me."

Perhaps one of the above is one of your favorites too...

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Elizabeth said...

ha! I love so many of these movies- Overboard! Goldie Hawn is a fricken riot, no matter what she does. I can't remember the ending song, but is it among these?

Working Girl!! YES! Carly Simon's song, "Let the River Run" was in that one. I remember hearing that in my head the first day at work in software, lol!

And Sound of Music- I watch it every year at the holidays! Brilliant musical, and Julie Andrews' voice is perfection.

Nice list, Joy!

sisu twenty-twenty said...

awesome list. am i snarky? :)