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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 13 - Status Updates...Camp Style

My Thursday 13 this week is dedicated to some of the status updates I have been creating my head over the past week. Typically during this week of August I would be at Camp Fantastic...but life and work have kept me away this year. That doesn't mean that I have not been thinking about it 24/7 and imagining all of the entertaining facebook status updates I would be creating. Here is my list...hope you enjoy!!!

Facebook Status Updates (if I were at Camp)

1) Joy is happy to see one of her homesick campers from last year back and having a blast. And...I should note...without a wheelchair!!

2) Joy is making coffee for med staff and counselors.

3) Joy has vowed not to be afraid of the popcorn machine and swears not to accidentally drop the F Bomb...because that is not "How How" Language. (Note - "How How" is a camp term that equals all the amazing things about camp, good things, happy things, like a pat on the back or a standing ovation)

4) Joy is sitting on Molden Porch watching the sunrise...before campers start rolling in with their room numbers.

5) Joy thinks Dr. Steve holds up the start of medline and not the med staff.

6) Joy is still in love (after a whole year) with the fabulous duct tape purse that Ann made her.

7) Joy really would love to be a human sundae makes for a perfect ending to Bonkers Day.

8) Joy is so proud that one of her former campers is now a's a beautiful thing.

9) Joy is proudly wearing her friendship bracelet from 2005 because it reminds her of Chass and all that is really important in life.

10) Joy is sitting back and enjoying all of the creativity happening in her creative expressions class.

11) Joy is so happy that there is no cellphone/blackberry reception.

12) Joy is yelling out room numbers and loving every second at it. She never yells...and this is totally prohibited.

13) Joy measures her success by how messy campers can make the "Hot Spot" each time they pass through. The messier the better. She loves to clean it all they can mess it up again!!!

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

awesome!!!!! and i love the new layout!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sounds like camp has a great impact on you. I bet I'd miss it, too.

Alice Audrey said...

I did mine on Facebook too. It's all new to me.

Seher said...

terrific layout and absolutely terrific prompt :)

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