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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Done!! Well...You Know the Deal...Word Count = 50,691

I have won my sixth National Novel Writing Month...checking in at 50,691 words. Is the novel done? No. Is it ready to be read? No. Do I love it as much as the one I wrote last year? No. Will I ever do something with it? never really know. This year was tough for me. I was so tired. I was so worried that I was not going to finish. I was not entirely in love with my story. But I did it. I got 50,000 words and have something that I can go back and fix should I ever want to. I know that I will at somepoint go back...this one was actually a series idea that I had that I carried over from my NanoWrimo 2008 Novel. Remember Lolly Friar? She was the star of this years too. I guess I should have mentioned that at the begining of the month. ;)

After writing this year, I am totally convinced that last year's novel was very different and I think that was because I had a realy story that hangs together. And truth be told, I can't wait to get my hands back on it again. I loved the story that much!!

And then there were Three... Word Count=47,035

Before you know it, you are three thousand words away from 50,000...I am thinking of stopping for the night and finishing up tomorrow. I still have three more days...but why put off for two more tomorrows what you can finish in one? I wrote just about 7K words today...not too bad considering that I was able to do other fun things too. Shopping...too much shopping...but it spurred the writing...that and an incredible view...and really good music. Those are pretty much the secrets to my word count exponentially increasing.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh right, it is November...Word Count=41,018

Three days left...that is all. This is definitely going to be one of those NanoWrimo years that was truly fueled by weekend writing. Week night writing seemed pretty lousy this month as did my Thanksgiving Day plans to bust well into the 40Ks. I don't think it matters Tuesday I will finish...and by finish I mean...get 50K words of truly shitty first draft punched out into a document. The good thing is that I am having lots of fun this month despite being busy at work. The noveling is good, but living is better. I think it is an excellent sign that there has been more of that than writing...

Monday, November 22, 2010

In Search of the Turkey...Word Count = 38,016

Unlike my Mom and Sister who are not afraid of all things culinary...I just like to do the dishes. But, there is one thing that I do contribute to the Thanksgiving festivities...I get to pick out and buy the turkey. It has been awhile since I have done so...the past few years we have dined out. The great 2010 turkey chase was not too took me only two stores to find "the one". That is not too bad, especially since it was so late in the day.

Long work day which started way to early to admit, but I was happy that I didn't leave as late as usual so that I had time to get said turkey and add to my word count. Not bad!! I'm so excited about Thanksgiving...I can't wait to spend good time with my sister putting up the Christmas Trees and writing my novel at the kitchen table while the turkey and other yummy delights cook away. Can't believe this time of year has wound it's way around again.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Six Thousand Kind of Day...Word Count = 37,314

So my goal for the weekend was to get to 40K, but considering that I did not write much of anything on Tuesday through Saturday...37K is nothing to sneeze at. I wrote 6K words today!! I feel like I made a lot of progress and am feeling much more confident about my novel at the moment. I was able to merge everything together into one Master Document again...I had about three different documents with scenes mish mashed all over the place. There is great comfort in having them assembled into some kind of order at the moment. I'm looking forward to going to sleep soon...I am feeling kind of icky and know that this week is going to be crazy, busy again. Hopefully I can sleep and not worry about everything that I need to get done tomorrow. I need to just take deep breaths and take things one at a time. Much like my novel is all about going word by word.

Early Christmas Prep...

We are in total Christmas mode already...and this may be the earliest we have ever started. Lots of new decorations for the house...which we have already started putting up. Our big "wish list" items have already been purchased and ahem...received...but I will save that for another blog entry. We just couldn't wait. It all started last week when Grandma declared that she wanted some new Christmas decorations that "sparkle". So Grandma and I started last weekend picking out some things...things for the kitchen and for the living room and family room too. We hit Lowes and Target...but knew that we needed to still shop some more.

On Friday, the four of us met up and did some major damage getting all kinds of new things...garland for the trees, new tree skirts, two wreaths, more decorations for the various downstairs rooms and the banister. New stockings too!! We have seriously gone all out and are having so much fun. Grandma is so happy and loving it!! Upon looking over all of our purchases yesterday, we decided to just start putting things up. We still have some odds and ends to add. Plus both Christmas Trees...which Sis and I will do on Wednesday night.

We have not done a proper Thanksgiving or Christmas since Grandpa has been least here at home...and this year...we just seem ready. Grandma is so excited about the holidays and we are too. These are the moments you have to hold close and be fully present for. We are a lucky foursome with much to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Theory...

I am finally, after puttering around all day, settling in write more of my 2010 NanoWrimo novel. I have not written since Tuesday and have been trying to figure out why. I have lots of excuses but I think it really boils down to just two things, I'm tired and I would rather sit and chat with my Grandma and hold her hand. Because, if I'm being really honest, we did not know that another Thanksgiving or Christmas was even possible back in the summer. Even though it is November, my novel isn't first. Grandma is and the truth is...I am totally okay with that.

I know that reason isn't particularly entertaining, so I have provided of the following of list of other excuses for my stalled word count.

* After a 13 or 14 hours workday, my brain is no longer young enough to decompress by writing non-stop for an hour to get 1000 words. It can only handle watching rubbish on TV.

* I don't need to write as an escape any longer.

* My idea has no staying power and I was stupid for thinking that I could write a whole novel around it.

* I am a hack and everyone knows it, so what I am really doing?

* I need a new song to obsess over which will fuel my word count and inspire all kinds fo new twists and turns.

* Panera Mac and Cheese halts the word count...too many carbs and way too delicious.

* My 2009 NanoWrimo novel was so good, that I can't fathom thinking about a new one knowing that it still needs attention.

* I peaked after the meet cute and lost all interest in the story, which by the way, was inspired by photo I saw on Twitter. (Note to self...maybe you just need to find another picture to inspire ideas.)

I really just need to snap out of it and get back in the game. The past five years were filled with stress and life happenings but I always finished. This year will be no different...I'm just upset that I set a goal of 65K and that I am probably not going to hit it. My goal for the weekend is to get to 40K...the night is never know. I will excuses!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rolling Along...Slowly!!! Word Count = 30,030

Slow night after my speedy increase of words last night...I knew that I could not go to sleep until I hit 30K. Now that I is sleep time. I am hoping to get to Panera after work tomorrow a few word sprints would really help to push me. They make such a huge difference. I realized that I haven't blogged much about my novel in terms of the characters or the subject. Maybe over the next few days I will post a excerpt...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Panera Progress...Word Count = 28,398

I decided to head to a Write-In at Panera this evening on a whim...and it was not just because my sister made venison for dinner. I knew some time away from the kitchen table would help my word count and it did. I got an additional 3K!!! Not bad considering I was there about 3 hours.

We did three word sprints and that really made things add up quickly. The first one I had 525 words, the second I had 637 words, and the third I had 620 words. Each sprint is about 14 minutes long...we track the time with a spiffy hour glass. I wish I could do them at home, but for some reason, you need to have a bunch of other NanoWrimos around you for them to be successful.

I will have to see if I can get any more words once I head home, but for now, I'm happy to be at 28K...just shy of my 30K goal for the weekend. Today was the first time this month where I felt like things were starting to come together nicely.

Still More Weekend to Go...Word Count = 25,121

I am glad that there are a few more hours left to the weekend so that I can keep the number of words growing. I wanted to get to 30K before the end of the weekend...but that is probably not possible. But I am happy to be moving along at a good is so slow going this year. Every 1K words I'm surprised that I came up with more to add to the word count. That is how this year is going. I'm having a hard time. Maybe once I get through tomorrow...I can really gain some speed. We shall see. And...I still have a few hours left of the you never know.

The scary thing is that I set 65K as my goal this year...and I am not half way there. Yipes!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Panera Magic...Word Count = 22,101

And with the tragic ends that I thought were going to be the beginings...I have had a spurt of novelness on a Friday evening at Panera. It was good run tonight...I enjoyed writing the scene that had been in my mind during the past two years. Good Times. I have the best time writing stuff that is not happy.

My soundtrack for those tragic moments was as follows:

* This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
* This Little Babe - from Benjamin Britton's Ceremony of Carols
* Cry Little Sister - From The Lost Boys(A Dance Track Remix Version I have...)
* Untitled - Interpol

So I'm getting ready to check out of Panera tonight. I earned three whole stickers on my progress chart which made me giddy with NanoWrimo excitement. It was the perfect ending to another busy work week. On a novel high at the moment...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Different Kind of NanoWrimo...Word Count = 20,008

I am finding this year's NanoWrimo journey to be very different than others. I am wondering if it is because I had this one idea and one scene which gave me the whole premise for the novel. The problem is, I still haven't written that one scene. I wonder if that is what the problem is? That and the fact that I am just crazy tired. I am excited that I am in 20Ks now and would love to bust through them before the weekend is over. That would be really cool.

Here is to hoping that I can clock some time with my NanoWrimo Buddies tomorrow at Panera for a few hours. I have yet to participate in a word sprint this year...and I am really jonesing for one!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Clearing the Head... Word Count = 16,018

A quick 1K in so that I can sleep soundly tonight...I had fun writing tonight despite how crazy tired I am. I'm not sure why, but I have been completely exhausted for the past few weeks. I think I need to get a bit more balance back in my getting to the gym in the AM. These long days are kind of eating away at my thinking skills...the nice thing about being concerned about my word count is that I do find the time to churn the words matter what. So that is kind of like balance.

I'm proud of myself...I finally took time to pay some bills...and still got to jot down some words. Woohoo!!! Feeling pretty good about that...and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to be super excited about having a day off work on Thursday. That should help to get a bunch more noveling done...and some laundry too...maybe.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First NanoWrimo Weekend...Word Count = 15,028

I can't believe that I wrote 11K words this weekend...I am feeling much better about things. I'm starting to think that it is okay if I seem to be going slower this doesn't really matter. All that matters is that I get to the end of the finish line. My goal this year is to write 65,000 words. We will see how that goes...I am excited. I am excited and kind of tired. I did have a short power nap around 5pm helped. How is it that we gain an hour and I'm still tired?

It was a good writing weekend...I'm closer to being on pace with where I need to be to reach my goal. Lots of things go undone during the month of November, but it is worth it. The one thing I did take care of was moving my novel to my laptop since Google Docs was giving me some trouble this past week. I love my netbook, but I really felt like it was slowing me down not being able to use Word. I think it helps to see the word count constantly at the bottom of the screen on the left hand side. Watching it increase makes me go even faster. I'm well on my way...

Goal Met...Retail Therapy Too...Word Count = 10,025

So I did it. I got to 10K before the skin of my teeth. Thank goodness for the extra hour. I will be using mine for sleep. How great is it to fall back? I'm feeling better having caught up to where I should be. I'm so tired. I was really in a slump earlier. I did some Vera Bradley purse for Winter...note pen and pencil set...a few other odds and ends. It was just what I needed. I guess I got myself a reward before I made the goal. I wrote 6K words today...a reward was warranted!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Panera Progress....Word Count = 8,597

I seem to be really slow going this year...and I'm trying not to be discouraged. I don't know if it is because I am tired or if it is because my novel still has no legs to stand on...but I am not at all happy with my output today at Panera. I have been here since just before 10am. I really had this goal of getting to 10K words before leaving. I used to write 1K words an matter where I was. Not this year it seems.

Well...I am leaving the crew of NanoWrimos here and may make a quick trip to one of my Vera Bradley "dealers". That may help to perk me up a bit. I need a second wind. Maybe I can get to 10K before I go to bed tonight. Guess that will have to be my new goal for the day.

In honor of the Muse...

I didn't write last night because I was totally captivated by my new TV show addiction...Sons of Anarchy. It is now added to my list of current obsessions...along with Mad Men. I never remember when shows are on...and can't even commit to watch things regularly on the DVR...I know...sad. So watching shows on DVD...a season behind everyone else seems to be how I roll. I felt bad about not writing, but good novels, movies, and even TV is inspiring. That is how I felt last night.

The growth of characters, the twists, the ups and downs, the matter what the genre or the mode of inspires me to get words on paper. A song. A scene. A line of dialog. Each is the magic that gets me going. Each fuels the thing in my brain that churns the words out through my fingers. So many muses. That is the best feeling there is...when the words come flowing out onto the page. That is why I love November so much.

So, I'm at Panera...secured my favorite table by the outlet...ready for a full day of writing. I haven't ever done this I am excited. I'm at 4,102 words...wonder where I will be in a few hours. Any guesses?

PS - I just heard a roar of a motorcycle...muse...I love it!! Never thought I would feel so passionately about a team...a family...of gun runners from a place called charming. Best show ever...seriously...and the Season 2 finale...woah!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Can of Chili... Word Count = 4,102

Another late night at work...this week has been really crazy I guess!! I was so tired when I left the office and I seriously didn't think I was going to get another 1K when I got home. Did I? Yes. Am I up too late? Yes. But it is November!! I love random thoughts that lead to writing...tonight it was a can of Chili. I know right? As I was walking out to the fridge in the garage, an idea popped in my head. Eating Chili from a can...and that lead to my first few words tonight.

I had another moment of tiredness...but I pushed through by playing one of my favorite NanoWrimo games. When surrounded by people, I ask them to give me a word. It never fails. I got two tonight that fueled me well past my work night bedtime...Clavicle and Phantom.

Happy Writing...looking forward to the weekend. My word count will really get some action then...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need Rest Now....Word Count = 3,027

Another long much to another 1K in...need sleep now. The end.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A slow start...but progress...Word Count = 2,099

I told myself that I was not allowed to go to bed until I hit here I am...and now I can go to sleep. The novel continues to grow and it is looking like I'm writing the one that has been in my head for the past few years...finally!! It is exciting. Still in the honeymoon phase...but I do love this month...even if my writing never goes anywhere or leaves my shelf...I am so happy to barf out the words onto the page.

Monday, November 1, 2010

And she is off...Word Count = 1,212

So the fun begins...after a crazy long day at work...I came home...and cranked out 1,212 words without really stressing too much. I eased into it really. I have a main character with a name. I have a boy character (of course!!). I have the main character's boss. I love my names this year so far...very inspirational thanks to the NanoWrimo Kick-off Party yesterday. My muse is working!! It is a cute little monkey named Choptank...more to come on that later. All I can say is that it is working!!

Discoveries made this evening in my short time noveling - my character works at a company called Canton Niles. Her bosses name is Brenna Kent...who is the boss's daughter. I know right? Who knows where we will go from here!!