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Friday, November 12, 2010

Panera Magic...Word Count = 22,101

And with the tragic ends that I thought were going to be the beginings...I have had a spurt of novelness on a Friday evening at Panera. It was good run tonight...I enjoyed writing the scene that had been in my mind during the past two years. Good Times. I have the best time writing stuff that is not happy.

My soundtrack for those tragic moments was as follows:

* This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
* This Little Babe - from Benjamin Britton's Ceremony of Carols
* Cry Little Sister - From The Lost Boys(A Dance Track Remix Version I have...)
* Untitled - Interpol

So I'm getting ready to check out of Panera tonight. I earned three whole stickers on my progress chart which made me giddy with NanoWrimo excitement. It was the perfect ending to another busy work week. On a novel high at the moment...

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