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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Can of Chili... Word Count = 4,102

Another late night at work...this week has been really crazy I guess!! I was so tired when I left the office and I seriously didn't think I was going to get another 1K when I got home. Did I? Yes. Am I up too late? Yes. But it is November!! I love random thoughts that lead to writing...tonight it was a can of Chili. I know right? As I was walking out to the fridge in the garage, an idea popped in my head. Eating Chili from a can...and that lead to my first few words tonight.

I had another moment of tiredness...but I pushed through by playing one of my favorite NanoWrimo games. When surrounded by people, I ask them to give me a word. It never fails. I got two tonight that fueled me well past my work night bedtime...Clavicle and Phantom.

Happy Writing...looking forward to the weekend. My word count will really get some action then...

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