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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Theory...

I am finally, after puttering around all day, settling in write more of my 2010 NanoWrimo novel. I have not written since Tuesday and have been trying to figure out why. I have lots of excuses but I think it really boils down to just two things, I'm tired and I would rather sit and chat with my Grandma and hold her hand. Because, if I'm being really honest, we did not know that another Thanksgiving or Christmas was even possible back in the summer. Even though it is November, my novel isn't first. Grandma is and the truth is...I am totally okay with that.

I know that reason isn't particularly entertaining, so I have provided of the following of list of other excuses for my stalled word count.

* After a 13 or 14 hours workday, my brain is no longer young enough to decompress by writing non-stop for an hour to get 1000 words. It can only handle watching rubbish on TV.

* I don't need to write as an escape any longer.

* My idea has no staying power and I was stupid for thinking that I could write a whole novel around it.

* I am a hack and everyone knows it, so what I am really doing?

* I need a new song to obsess over which will fuel my word count and inspire all kinds fo new twists and turns.

* Panera Mac and Cheese halts the word count...too many carbs and way too delicious.

* My 2009 NanoWrimo novel was so good, that I can't fathom thinking about a new one knowing that it still needs attention.

* I peaked after the meet cute and lost all interest in the story, which by the way, was inspired by photo I saw on Twitter. (Note to self...maybe you just need to find another picture to inspire ideas.)

I really just need to snap out of it and get back in the game. The past five years were filled with stress and life happenings but I always finished. This year will be no different...I'm just upset that I set a goal of 65K and that I am probably not going to hit it. My goal for the weekend is to get to 40K...the night is never know. I will excuses!!


Elizabeth said...

I would humbly suggest that what you have to say need not be defined by a word count... it's easy to confuse the mechanism for the true/underlying goal: expression.

Elizabeth said...

and I'm really glad you have this time with your grandmom! :) enjoy every minute of it, without NanoWrimo guilt!