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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Progress has been halted...

In terms of my novel writing, I have not done a thing in over a month now. Ever since I took my "rescheduled" birthday off from work it has been so busy. I have my moments of pure work happiness becuase I love being busy and then others when I just want to hide away wishing I had less responsiblities. I'm gearing up to do a bunch of work here at home today. I don't really want to...I have been so good recently at not doing that. I have one writing project hanging over my head and few things to put together that will make the early part of next week much easier.

The silly thing is, much like when I was in school, I'm not getting any pressure to get all things done. I'm putting the pressure on myself and I can't seem to stop. I do not know what the miswiring is in my brain that causes this to happen. I think in many ways it has helped my career...but as for the rest of me...I'm not so sure. I wish I would put more pressure on myself to have fun. That would really help my wizziwa. Although, the good news is...yesterday was all about the fun!!! Spa. Dinner Out. Movie. And if I start getting freaked out about all the stuff I have to do...I just have to remind myself....vacation in 21 days!!!

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