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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Library Love...and a bag to boot!!!

So a trip to the Library was in order today as I finished the book I was was a book from late 90's by Jane Green called Mr. Maybe. It was refreshing to read a book with minimal use of cellphones and no blackberries and references to fun things that you hadn't thought about in years. I enjoyed it and am so happy that on a whim I started to read her books. There is something about how she spins a tale that I really enjoy. She is definitely on my "must read all books" list. I love going to Library...almost if not more than shopping for Vera Bradley. Although, my purpose for this particular blog entry is not necessarily about what I am currently reading (if you are curious...I picked up a Kate White Mystery and Kristin Gore's Sammy's House) or going to the library for that matter. It is about the cute bag/purse that I use to carry my library books in. It is the cutest bag ever and it is made entirely from duct tape. read that right...duct tape!! And in such lovely colors!!

This adorable bag was given to me at Camp last year and made by the ever-so-crafty Ann Malo. It was one of those moments at camp where a friend swoops in and saves you. Ann did that a bunch for me this past year during Camp as I adjusted to a new role. I was using lots of my "work skills" at Camp and it was very different...but just as amazing. And now, every time I head to the library, I have my fabulous bag in hand. It fits novels perfectly!!! cool is that? I am a lucky, lucky girl!!!

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