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Friday, March 13, 2009

Life in Status Updates...

I have written before about how Facebook changes how you chronicle your life. I seem to spend my free thinking moments creating status updates in my mind. I wonder if this is why I have not been novel writing? Here is a list of a few that have sprung into my thoughts as I meander through my days - -

* Joy was Debaser on the way into work. With a Starbucks in hand and The Pixies cranked has to be a good day. Ah Ha Ha Ha...
* Joy just ordered her favorite scent off of the internet from Macy's...and got two "free" gifts with purchase.
* Joy is thinking she has discovered the secret for having "close to normal" blood sugars in the morning.
* Joy is reading wisdom off of a Starbucks Cup (#229).
* Joy is annoyed that she can't seem to get to Facebook to work on her cellphone anymore.
* Joy wonders if there is anything that can't be fixed with Duct Tape?
* Joy is excited that Coldplay is coming to town in May.
* Joy just got a Facebook shout out on WUSA TV 9 from the weathertastic Kim Martucci...but she missed it because she was in a staff meeting. :**(

Do you have a favorite??

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