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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flip Flop Frenzy

I admit that in many ways, I am spoiled. I got the coolest "just because" gift from my mommy and sister the other day. One of my most favorite things in the world are flip flops....and I have many, many pairs. Upon a jaunt to the local Hallmark store, I discovered the coolest things ever. SwitchFlops are so boss and clever. You pick out your pair and then you can buy different colored/patterned straps which Velcro on. Is that not the coolest thing? I have been lusting after them for a long while, but figured it was silly to by them since I already have a zillion pairs. I do exercise some self restraint...sometimes.

So, I was very shocked and excited when they got me a cute pair of black and white polka dot flip flops...and two additional straps. One in red and the other in turquoise. I think the next pattern I will get will be the giraffe print. If only it would get warmer so that flip flop wearing can commence.

Hopefully the weather will turn in time for my upcoming Spring needs to be able to wear the proper footware when you are drinking and dining by the water. :)


sisu twenty-twenty said...

it's almost spring...that means it will be warm and nice out. 29 days!!!!!!!

PinkyGiraffe said...

about 2 years ago I declared "year of the flip flop" and I set out to buy many fun pairs and it seems that "year of the flip flop" continues. I'll have to check out hte giraffe print!