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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purpose and Motivation...

Operating on your own is not always best...but I fall to that mode naturally because I am such an introvert. AFter meeting with the Fab Four today (my writing buddies Ellen, Lisa and Michone)and all of us agreeing to get ourselves back together on a regular basis I now have a purpose to get moving on my current work in progress. My plan is keep cranking it out to finish my very horrendous first draft and then rewrite/revise chapter by chapter as I submit said new chapters to them for review. In our heyday we would meet every other week and then with schedules (and my work obssessed nature) we couldn't keep up with the pace. It seems things are aligning so that we can get back together again...and I am so excited. I was thinking awhile back how all of us met at a writing workshop back in April 2005. I'm so glad we are still connected. I'm glad that they get me out of my introverted shell.

In other writing news, I have started a once a day writing exercise (thanks to one of my fellow Thursday 13 List Makers)where I am writing a novel day by day. It is called the Diatribing Diavista and will chronicle the life of a Type 1 Diabetic in Young Adulthood whose life passion is in cake making. Seemed like a cute kind of idea...and a bit of stretch for me. Not the diabetes part, but the cake part. I am kitchen challenged. As I have been watching my Mom and Sister in their new hobby, I thought how funny would it be if your passion was to make sugary goodies and you couldn't (or rather shouldn't) eat them. So, I decided to work on something different to guarantee that I write each and every day. See my side bar for my word count journal button/ over if you want to check it out. It is something different...

Oh yes...and if you are curious...the fabulous cake you are looking at is one of my mom and sister's creations. I know, right?? This was only the second or third cake they had ever made.

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Ello said...

OH my gosh!!!! they could run a business!!!! That cake looks divine!!!

And I'm so glad we are all still together!!