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Monday, May 25, 2009

Report from the Pavilion - Coldplay

I am a bit late in my follow-up but the Coldplay show on Thursday night was the best one yet. I was having so much fun that I did not take many pictures and those that I took were not the greatest. It is hard to know where to start…other than to say that most my favorites were played. As always, they put on a great show with lots of surprises. They moved from the main stage to a center platform area in the pavilion.

That is where I snapped the glowing head of Chris Martin.

Our seats were in perfect view of the jumbo-tron so this is what it looked like from the front. Coldplay has provided the soundtrack for much of my writing.

The warm summer-like weather was perfect and I was up on my feet groovin' during the entire show. There is something about live music that brings me to life and rejuvenates me. Despite my introverted nature, when the music plays I can't not groove. I have no clue if I look silly or really insane...and I don't really care. And for whatever reason, anytime I am at a show I can't help but think about Joel and Chass. There is no point in not singing out loud and dancing your ass off, in fact, it is kind of like my tribute. You should dance and sing for all those who can't any longer.

It was an absolutely perfect evening and then as the show was coming to a close bursts of confetti hit the air from the front and traveled through the air to back of the pavilion. They fluttered and scattered...a rainbow of color. As they got closer I could see that they were butterflies. How perfect was that?? One found it's way to me and I caught it. A sign....from all the good stuff that flutters around me. A reminder that connections really do last forever.

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