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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday 13 - Looking Forward

As I am crazy for the lists, I am finally taking a few minutes out of my day to participate in the Thursday 13 over on Carmen Shirkey’s Blog - The List. This is the perfect thing for me to participate in…being that 1) I love lists, 2) Thursday is my favorite day of the week, and 3) 13 is my lucky number. Kismet anyone??

This Thursday 13 is all about looking forward…so here we go!! I present to you my list of 13 things that I am looking forward to - -

1. Seeing Coldplay one week from tonight and the four day weekend that will follow.

2. Getting a pedicure this weekend.

3. When my signed copy of The List arrives so that I can start reading it…so excited for this.

4. Trying one of those new light lime beers from Miller…while sitting on the deck…

5. Swimming!!!

6. Buying some cute dresses for Spring/Summer…one of my work friends is promising to hook me up with her Ann Taylor discount.

7. Being able to find the Dave Aude Remix of U2’s Magnificient so that I can add it to my ipod.

8. Writing a blog about life’s own movie moments…I had one recently that is related to #7 above and #9 below.

9. Getting back on track with my Lolly Friar novel…because I got a fine reminder of the need to keep on writing to get that first draft done. Then I can hack away at it and really make it into something.

10. Looking for some old work friends on Facebook.

11. Eating healthy again and getting back on track T1 Diabetes-wise…so that my doctor will love me and not be disappointed in me.

12. Hitting my 15th Anniversary at work…upon which I will earn 8 hours of annual leave each pay day. Score!!!

13. Being first on Carmen’s link list for the Thursday 13!! Update - I was second...but not bad. Maybe next week!!!


sisu twenty-twenty said...


Carmen Shirkey said...


Glad you participated. :)

Coldplay, I'm jealous.

Did you post your link over on the Thursday 13 homepage, so other peeps can find you and be jelous, too?