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Friday, May 29, 2009

Vera, Vera...Evil, Evil

Are these not totally adorable? I was super thrilled last week when my sister got them for me. How lucky am I to have a sister that loves to get me gifts. I'm not even going to mention the fact that perhaps she uses said gifts to justify her own purchases. That would be so rat out my best friend like that. Especially since I get pressies...and have been known to do the same thing too.

Now for the problem. I think this clutch would be the perfect addition to a fun weekend/night out ensemble this summer. I mean how cute would that be? I think it would be just large enough to contain my phone, blackberry, some money and insulin. What more does a girl need? I have a feeling I may have to break down and get this. I hope I can find one...the vera dealer/pusher close to home didn't have it in the bail blue. Perhaps as a treat I'll make a visit to Tiara and while I am there...I should totally get my sister a present!! Circle of Life or Web of Addiction?

1 comment:

sisu twenty-twenty said...

shhh they'll all be doing it! and justifying my own ridiculous behavior is only a small reason i get them for you LOL jk ? LOL ?