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Monday, May 18, 2009

Facebook Findings...

I'm so glad that my writing friends (Ellen, Lisa, and Michone)convinced me to join Facebook and my friend Claudia too. It all happened in one day...I had three people tell me I needed to join. So I joined and now I am happy to share a quick list of my glee.

What Facebook has brought to me - -

* New books to read by chick lit authors who rock. One down and One to go!! And hopefully more to find.

* New writing friends with fun blogs and increased ways to network writing wise.

* Thinking about my day in terms of status updates.

* Finding a fun blog linky activity...finally...the Thursday 13 is my new favorite thing about blogging.

* Connecting with friends from school who I have often thought about and then found on Facebook...and turns out they are just as awesome as always.

* Connecting with many members of my Camp Fantastic family during all the months of the year.

* Connecting with old work buddies...and past IT techs. I have at least two of my old techs on my friends list...and they may well be some of my very favorites. :) Wonder if I could find them all?

* Remembering that I am introverted in person and online, so I may have a low friend count but they are not just anybody. :)

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