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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Novel Writing....Remember That?

It is truly ridiculous that I have not written anything novel-related in about three months. I always get down when this happens. My mind starts taunting me with thoughts about how if I was a REAL writer...I would figure out how to continue to write (at least everyday) and continue to make progress on my work in progress or anything really. But I don't do that. Therefore, I am not a writer. Sometimes I feel like a faker...I am in one of those wallows at the moment. I need to get the fever back. I need to put work aside and go back to writing in the early AM before work. That seemed to work a few months back. Maybe I need to make it a goal for this coming week.

Perhaps if I write it down on my "to do" list I will get it done? How sad is that?


sisu twenty-twenty said...

yes, you absolutely have to do that. you've got to take time for yourself :p

Carmen Shirkey said...

It's hard to write sometimes. :)

Thanks for wanting a copy of THE LIST, you can go to the special order page I set up for the sale

Once I get the order alert, I'll ship off your copy! Make sure the address is there, and how you want the book signed. :)


Smittenly Written said...

Thanks Carmen!! I just put in my order. Can't wait to read it!!