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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday 13 - Anxious Much?

Another Thursday, another list of 13 things within my brain space. Since I have been a bit anxious about things this week and some big deadlines fast approaching that I need to shake some action on, I thought I would list out some of the things that I have been anxious about...over my 32 year life span. With a bit of commentary on how things turned out of course. ;) Hope you enjoy them!!

1. Getting a baby brother. (I am so glad that I didn't!!! My baby sister was perfect...and not once after she was born did I ever ask about a baby brother again.)

2. Going to the hospital for any reason at all as a patient. (When I did finally go in 1987 when I was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes...I just took it in stride.)

3. Setting a bad example for my sister and messing up her life. (Think this one is ongoing.)

4. Getting behind on work if I ever missed school...even in Kindergarten. (Can one really comment on that? Type A much? Is this why I'll come in for a meeting on a day off?)

5. Having to get a shot. (This is quite funny considering that over the past 21 years I have been given myself 4 - 7 every day. There were 3 years there where I went on an insulin pump...but trust me...the infusion sets were way scarier...for me at least.)

6. Learning how to drive so that I could get my license on my 16th Birthday. (Totally happened...with a fun story/lore for my first time behind the wheel. Every success needs a tough beginning.)

7. Finding a summer job. ( application was pulled from a pile of thousands and I have been here ever since. It will be 15 years on June 12.)

8. Finishing college in Four Years. (Since I was working full time while I was in college I was obsessed with finishing in four years like other folks my age. I started in September 1995 and finished in December 1999. Did not allow much time for anything else.)

9. Escaping the 11th Floor so that I could work in IT. (I did and it set off a chain of great changes in my life. Exactly how your early and mid twenties should be.)

10. Getting a good score on my GMATs so that my provisional acceptance to JHU could become a true acceptance. (This was such a huge thing for me...since I am not a good test taker. There is a funny story about how the whole thing go started too...which I had forgotten all about. Hmm...I should write about it sometime. Oh yes...back to the outcome...I got the score I needed but my essays were off the charts!! I think I got a perfect score on one of them. Oh yes...and I graduated with an MBA too.)

11. Finding my way back to the 11th Floor. (In perfect timing and without it being planned I ended up back at home...doing something so perfect for me. That is kind of how my career just unfolds before me.)

12. Finishing any novel that I have started. (Okay...still obsessing on that point.)

13. Volunteering for Camp Fantastic. (Each and every year I worry about whether or not I will do a good job and if anyone will actually like me in the process. Each year that feeling quickly leaves as soon as the buses round their way through the hollow. I am going to miss that this year...but will instead worry about whether or not I will be invited back in 2010.)

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Hootin' Anni said...

#12 would be on my list too, for sure.

My Thirteen is posted...a message to all cats/dogs AND their owners. All in fun! Happy day wishes to you....

I am Harriet said...

So, the 11th floor wasn't so bad after all ...

Carleen said...

Type A? I wouldn't be able to relate -- well, not much anyway! =)

mielikki said...

great list, I can commiserate with oh so many of these...

Janet said...

You so totally remind me of my friend, Michelle!

Lori said...

A list of anxieties, hmm . . . I'm pretty sure I could come up with a different list everyday! Nice idea for a TT.

Sue said...

Fun list. That's nice that you volunteer at that camp.

Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!

Shelley Munro said...

#5 is on my list. I don't enjoy visiting doctors or dentists. I don't think I'll ever get over this one!