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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Veraholic Strikes Again...

I may or may not have purchased another purse that I don't need last weekend. But here is the was on sale. I had been lusting after it since this February when her summery nylon line came out. In a month a whole new set of things will be coming out and I'm pretty sure my Vera Girls and I will be spending more money on the Vera. There are totally worse things to be addicted too...and we will keep telling ourselves that. Besides, Vera is an instant happy for me. I love all of my pieces and now that I interchange them with is much more economical.

Here is a case in point. My current "diabetes bag" is in Pink Cupcake and I have a sunglasses case, wallet, and other assorting things in that pattern. They look adorable with my new pink purse and they looked good with my other pink plaid purse too. if we did not need more evidence....they match with purchase too. So really, the fact that I already had a bunch of accessories that would go so was a sign that I totally need to buy it. Did I mention it was on sale?