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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Throw me a Ring...or Five...

It was not until I was having really low blood sugars for several nights/early AMs in a row that I got to thinking about how my carb of choice for treating lows - - Life Savers. For the past 22 candy of choice has had the perfect name...Life Savers. The name...if you think about totally true. When my blood sugar goes low...I need 15 grams of Carb to begin the process of raising of it. The process is basically waiting 15 minutes and checking your blood sugar again. If it is still low, you take another 15g of Carb and wait again. (Note to self - Why do I capitalize Carbs?)

5 Life Savers are what I typically need to go from a low blood sugar to a level that feels just about right. The hardest part is that 15 minute goes against nature. You feel your body struggle...your brain is are sweating bullets...but you have to wait it out. Your instincts tell you to pile in the food...and sometimes...I do...because even though I know I need to wait...I still fear that my blood sugar will continue to drop. No good can come from I eat 10 or 20 Life Savers. I am far from perfect...but even a pro like me gets freaked out.

In the old days, I carried rolls of Life Savers...the hard candy. Now...I am crazy for the Gummi's. They are so much easier on my pearly whites and come in fun flavors...the sour ones are my favorite. I mean...if you need to be may as well rely on something yummy. Especially if it is the middle of the night!!

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