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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feel it in the air...

I am getting very excited for Spring and Summer...if you read my blog may know that 2009 was a very busy year for me. I made work my number one priority...which I do not regret...but it did take a toll. One of the things I have been trying to do is to not repeat the same thing in 2010. is still a number one priority...but I am working very hard to have some balance. To take time to have fun. To put the blackberry off to the side. To make plans.

I am very excited about several plans that I have already made - seeing Henry Rollins on Wednesday Night, seeing the Red Sox play a few times, a long weekend in Baltimore, seeing Dave Matthews Band, Camp (hope, hope...if they want me back), seeing a good friend of mine complete her second Iron Girl, and a full week off of work after camp. Just knowing that I have "things" coming up helps so much. They are motivating too. They are calming. They are giving me balance.

So, there is a reason behind my latest Vera Bradley purchase - A Rosie Posie Hipster in Kiss Me. You knew that something in the form of a justification for purchase was coming didn't you? Well, since I have all of these fun things coming up, I will need to have a cute little purse to hold important things - sunglasses, cell, blackberry, $$, and insulin. I am not going to lie, before I walked into my favorite Vera Dealer I may have started a mantra that went something like this - "I do not need a new Hipster." That I may have been repeating over and over. Besides, I needed something that would go with all my Red Sox stuff (which is all pink and blue). My lucky cap being the most important piece (of course).

I gathered my strength as I walked into the store, explaining to my sister that the new Frill bags would all clash with my Red Sox I really didn't need to worry about buying anything. And I approached the display...I remembered. The Kiss Me pattern is Pink and Navy. Perfect!!!

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

holla. that is seriously the cutest bag ever. almost as cute as the one i got. yay for doing things!!!