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Sunday, March 21, 2010

OGYST - Week 11 in Review

I really felt in control this week...of my diabetes especially. I feel like a switch has gone off in my brain. It is all about choices. Making choices that center around the things that you think are most important. Perhaps my priority order has health is bumping up on the list. I don't think this is a bad thing.

Here is a quick list of each of my four focus areas.

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #11

1. Controlling When I Look at Blackberry - Can't remember any particular time when I was frantically obsessing about work. I took time to eat lunch everyday...even when I had meetings back to back and phone calls to return. It felt good.

2. Take Time to Breathe - It was a tough week...but I feel like I was able to stay calm. I did take a few moments to breathe. Especially when I was having a bunch of low blood sugars. I took the time (15 minutes...which seems like forever when you feel completely depleted of all basic brain power) to just wait for my sugar to re-adjust after eating 15g of carbs. Even when it happened while I was getting ready for work...instead of continuing to rush and get ready...I just sat still and waited. It felt good.

3. Go to the Movies - Finally saw Alice in was really good. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I am becoming a huge fan of 3D!! So much so that I am considering seeing TRON. I know right?? Also saw New Moon...which reminded me how much I loved the soundtrack. And about my novel...because I wrote much of it in November listening to the New Moon soundtrack. There is nothing better than music inspiring words. It feels good.

4. Gym = Transition - I know that my ability to stay calm, especially at work, has been a direct result of the time that I have been clocking at the gym. Lots of cardio and strength training...I even convinced my sister to come with me on Sunday and then again on Saturday. It was so much fun to have a buddy. Thinking about when to schedule another Fitness Test so I can see if I have been making progress. I know that my form is changing. It feels good.

5. Other - The biggest highlight of the week was that my endocrinologist was thrilled with my blood sugars and lowered my long acting insulin dosage for overnight. This is such a huge deal...and I am really proud of myself. Between eating better and time at the gym...I am really seeing dramatic results in my blood sugars. I also met one of my NanoWrimo friends at Panera this week (after I went to the gym of course) and I ended up making a bunch of edits to my next set of "pen and ink" changes. It felt so good.

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights: Having dinner with some friends, Clocking more time in the gym, Scoping out some new Vera (think I need to get a bunch of flip flops), Getting a lovely pedicure, and Seeing how much progress I have made after my third week on WW Online.

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Elizabeth said...

it sounds like you're really doing well, Joy!!! I'm so happy for you!! making these good choices is becoming a lifestyle now for you, so you know you can keep it going... so awesome.