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Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Skill...

I was excited to learn that my ability to provide feedback on writing has extended into another realm. Recipes!!! read that!! Me...the person who learned at age 25 the difference between a mixer and a blender. I have no culinary skills...but evidently provided great feedback on a recipe that my Mommy is going to be submitting into a competition. I am so proud of her. It had to be healthy and so she created something with all natural ingredients, no bad sugar stuff, or bad fat. She is a genius...and super talented. They were yummy!!

Okay...back to the writing. I was able to look at it for consistency and assure that it was understandable. Since I am a totally idiot in the kitchen...I was able to provide useful comments. I'm good at organizing here is another thing to add to my list. Go me!! Go Mommy!!!

One of the best compliments I ever recieved at work was when my boss's main writer let me know that they always pay attention to the feedback I give when reading things for them. Every now and then I serve I purpose...and the cool thing is...I can still help out with my families culinary arts...even though I am not allowed in the kitchen!! Well...unless it is do dishes. ;)

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