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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I Do Not Want to Forget...(Part One)

One of the things I love best about my family is that we can laugh our way through anything...and the strength of motivation to persevere is a hallmark. Also, when you are hanging out in the ER for about five hours on a Thursday night...some funny things are going to be said. I might add that funny things come up before you make the decision to call 911 and after being admitted to the hospital too. I wanted to share a list of course!!

Before Making the Call

* My mom reminds my Grandma that she has a doctor's appointment the next day. Grandma then replies, "I don't care what you do, just don't involve me." Giggles fill the room.

In the ER

* My sister looking up to the metal object hanging down upon which you can hang things. "Is that for if they have to put you in traction or some kind of IV mechanism?" Me to my sister, "That is for IVs." Loud laughter fill our bay in the ER. My sister to all of us, "I knew that, but I said it anyway."

* We were all exhausted and it was a few hours before the folks in the ER rounded up some chairs so that all three of us could sit. My mom commented on how she knew she was tired because her legs were restless. My sister then commented, "Well, I don't have any iron...but you can lick my keys." Laughter fills our bay in the ER.

In the Hospital Room

* The nurse coming on duty for the night shift asked Grandma who the three of us were. Her reply, "Their all mine." Heartfelt laughter filled the room...and you could not help but feel pretty darn special...and really, really loved.

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