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Sunday, April 4, 2010

OGYST - Week 13 in Review

Is it just me or have the last 13 weeks flown by? I have been back to the gym for 13 weeks and doing online weight watchers for five weeks...this past week really felt like a turning point. I just feel so much better...about everything. My blood sugars continue to be normal for the most part. I am continuing to drop about 2 pounds per week. Like I said...I just feel really good. And believe is not just because I got some new Vera Bradley to jump start spring. One can never have too many flip flops...especially when you wear them after a good workout when leaving the gym. Spring fever has definitely set in for me!!

Here is a quick list of each of my four focus areas.

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #13

1. Controlling When I Look at Blackberry - Did a bit of work last Sunday...but all in all...I am mostly doing work at work. Still working more than 8 hours a day...but am not feeling overwhelmed by it. I just keep taking things one at a time...trying not to get five things done at once.

2. Take Time to Breathe - Seem to be doing this as well...had one particular assignment that I was stressing about...but stayed calm and got it done when I could get it done. Seem to be resisting the urge to work on it this weekend too. It seems it is getting easier and easier to work on things during work hours. Breathing my way through things really helps.

3. Go to the Movies - Saw a few movies via DirectTV and DVD...I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Sherlock Holmes, and Alvin & The Chipmunks - The Squeakqual. Excited to have Mad Men Season Three on DVD...may start that tonight!!

4. Gym = Transition - Great week at the gym...two strength training and three cardio workouts. Actually left work early on Thursday so that I could squeeze in a workout since I missed Wednesday. Friday was the best workout...60 minutes on the elliptical trainer with 635 calories burned. Felt freaking fantastic!!

5. Other - Did not work on the novel at all, but had a fun Happy Hour on Wednesday. Sent along my March Blood Sugars to my endocrinologist and she was thrilled with the results. Ordered some Vera online...flip flops and a fun pink summer tote for work. Yummy Chinese Food on Friday Night. Fun shopping with my sister on Saturday...more Vera. ;)

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights: Hoping to see some of my NanoWrimo Friends on Tuesday at Panera while working on my novel, lunch with one of my good friends on Thursday, and a few workouts at the gym. Wonder if I can get to a new bracket by my weigh-in on Friday? That is ambitious...but I wonder if it is possible? I guess we will have to see.

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