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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Birthday Rescheduling...

So is it bad to declare to your family that you are deferring your birthday to another month? Should I have asked my Mommy first? January is going to be quite the month for me. In thinking back over my career...I'm not sure I have ever been so pressed. The good news is, I love a challenge and with set deadlines (all of these things are meeting related...which have set dates) I can't go wrong. There is an end point. I loves me some end points. The problem is, when I am in this kind of situation it becomes my everything. I know, I know...lack of balance much?

Sometimes I get so stressed that I don't enjoy things that I should enjoy. It almost happened during my Christmas break, but I pushed it away. It is not crunch time yet so I should be able to enjoy New Years too. My birthday however will be in the thick of it all...and I really want to enjoy it. So I think I may just push it a month. Besides, Shopaholic comes out in this could really work out perfectly. I should look at my calendar...maybe I can have a writing day with my writing friends too.

Could I not be so work obsessed? It is my number one priority. I can't shake it. I'm but a Blossom PPG and a Wage Uglydoll. family and I set out to figure out which Uglydoll each of us were. I am Wage. Don't you think?

Uglydoll Website - Meet Wage

Enjoy this blurb from the Ugly Doll Website, here is Wage's Character Description:

Wage is a hard worker, just like you!  He works at the local Super Mart and wears his apron to serve his customers best.  Super Mart has no idea that he works there.  But Wage doesn't mind... or he just doesn’t realize it. Uglydolls have an amazing ability to be at two or more places at once (which is why you may see many of the same characters at a store). Wage is best friends with Babo, but there is always room for one more (you).  The two of them can often be found on the sidewalk trying to make friends with fire hydrants, phone booths, and other lonely creatures.  What’s with that look?  Is Wage happy?  Sure he is!  He smiles on the inside.  The next time you call in sick be sure to bring Wage along on your adventures.

And in case you are sister is just like Babo. ;)


sisu twenty-twenty said...

wage!!! birthday rescheduling is okay! it just prolongs the fun, duh! :)

Smittenly Written said...

And now that I have declared my 2009 birthday as February 13...and since that is when Shoppaholic comes really is the perfect day.

Well...not to mention that it is Henry's Bday too. :)