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Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Excerpt...

This one is a bit long...but I think Lolly really shines through. Apologies for the NanoWrimo rambling...obviously there is much to clean up. Hope you enjoy it!!!

She whizzed right by me talking on the phone. I could tell she was on the phone with her husband Peter. She did not even wave hello. I wanted to throw up. And then I heard it…just like the morning before. Natalia had thrown up for me. Ugh. I struggled with whether or not I should have called housekeeping or not. That would make it two mornings in a row. I did not want anyone to know that she may be sick.

I picked up the phone…I would just have housekeeping bring up a new bag offering some lame excuse for the need and I would change it myself. That way no one would know that she got sick again. Then it hit me. Holy Shit…Natalia must be pregnant!

Oh boy. Oh Girl. We are going to have a baby. I was excited. I was nervous. Oh my god…if it is a girl maybe she will name it after me? Oh wait…that is really conceited to think that way…but Lolly was such a great name and Natalia totally adored me…so it was in the bag. I was stupidly grinning thinking of all the cool potential baby gifts and then I started thinking about the shower I would have to throw. What should the theme be? It could something really chic with all the essentials from Burberry, Dior, and Hermes. It was going to be so perfect. For fun, I would totally have to get her mommy and me matching Vera Bradley or I could just get them a baby bag. It was all so clear to me. This was so perfect. Natalia was having a baby!

I was pretty sure I was beaming at the news but quickly reminded myself that I was not supposed to know yet. So if and when Natalia told me I had to act totally surprised. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Of course she was not mad at me…it was this news. I wonder if she was trying? Or was a total surprise? Any way I looked at I was excited about how much our worlds were going to change. Maybe I could be Auntie Lolly? This was just so outstanding.

Her door opened and I choked on my excitement. She popped her head out quickly, “We need to talk.”

I must have been thinking too loud. She knows I know and now is the moment where she is going to tell me all about it…since I already know. It was silly to keep it a secret. A secret at least from me. The fun part about my job was that I got to know a lot of things before most people did and sometimes they would never know. It was a confidential position and I was very good at not letting on to anything I knew. Natalia’s pregnancy would be no different. I would keep it under close confidence until of course it was obvious. Then all would know that we were going to have a baby. A baby!!

I settled myself down, grabbed my notebook, and headed into Natalia’s office. This was it. I would remember this moment for years to come. I would tell little Lolly…my namesake Lolly...all about it when she graduated high school or turned sixteen. I was sure she was going to love me and I was totally going to be her favorite Auntie. We could go shopping and talk about boys. It was going to be fantastic. I ramped down my animation before I made eye contact with Natalia. I closed the door behind me and waited for the news that I already knew.


I sat. She did not look happy. Why didn’t she look happy? This was exciting news. We were going to remember this moment for the rest of our lives. We are having a baby! A baby!

“Look I need to let you in on what is going on because there are bound to be questions that you are not to answer. I figure if you know what is going on, you will have a better shot at being evasive in case you are grilled.”

It sounded more like an investigation or court hearing or hounding calls from the press. I could handle that. I had handled most of those before. Well, everything but the court hearing. I steeled myself. When was a pregnancy such a hush hush matter? Oh my God, was it not Peter's?

“Okay. I appreciate you wanting to keep me informed. Is everything okay? I have been worried about you.”

And then she proudly wore a grin, “I am fine. I am great. Better than I have been in a long time actually.”

I took a deep, happy breath. Okay…the news was coming. I planned how I was going to look surprised and shocked and then over the moon.

“I’m being wooed by Mass General. Can you believe it?”

“That’s…That is amazing.” That is so not what I was expecting to hear.

“I know…it is the dream job. I’m heading up to Boston this afternoon so I need you to clear my calendar on Friday. I should be back by Monday, but to be safe clear the morning. Peter and I may be celebrating.”

The shock on my face must have shown because she continued, “Oh don’t worry…I am going to take you with me.”


MPB said...

Ooooh I love excerpts!!! =)

And my next one to post is long, too. Extra yay for long excerpts =)

MPB said...

Oh! And so excited you're coming to the TGIO on Saturday! Hurray!

Hope you feel better!

sisu twenty-twenty said...

fantastic!!! i can so see the movie version of this! oooo!! omg!!! brain genius!!

sister - for script frenzy may i please turn this into a movie? !