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Monday, December 1, 2008

True to Form...

So in reviewing my spreadsheet...I did not write on any Mondays. Today is no different. I was not feeling well today and ended up coming home from work early and sleeping most of the day. I feel like I am getting a cold. Or maybe it really is a NanoWrimo Hangover. It was really nice to get some extra sleep. I even watched some shows that I had on the ole' DVR. TV...oh yes...I remember that!!! Do not worry...I will be back into my novel tomorrow and have lots of work to do to finish up by the middle of the month. That is the plan.

I also need to get my reward for hitting 80K. Maybe I will take a few minutes tonight to work on a blog redesign. Or perhaps post another excerpt??? Or maybe both!!!

PS - - I am so excited because this Friday I am going to spend the day writing with my writing friends Ellen and Lisa...they are my novel writing heros and have yet to give up on me. With that kind of support...there are no excuses. :)

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