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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sleep Time... (Word Count = 87,223)

I need to go to sleep...but I did make some progress. I have written 200 pages. I have finished Chapter 10. I have not got to 90K...but that will happen soon. I am continuing to work on my novel. That in and of itself is tremendous for me. I'm kind of finally getting into a groove now where my scenes just kind of move right along and there is not so much filler or pontificating. I am sure that is because NanoWrimo is over. I'm not so scrambled for the word count. :)

So it seems that I am feeling again like I'm going slow. But we know what they say about that...


sisu twenty-twenty said...

way to go!! you will totally finish :)

MPB said...

Look at your cute turtle! Turtles are great. Slow and steady =)