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Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Close Calls In One Day... I just had another close call with my draft novel. Earlier today my laptop wigged out and the keyboard stopped working. I remained calm and my writing buddies suggested just taking out the battery and putting it back in and then restarting. All was fine.

A few moments ago I went to open up my draft novel again and it looked like the last 1K I wrote (which included a lot of odds and ends that I added to the current chapter I am working) and I freaked. I was like...screw this...I am so giving up. Can you believe that? I was ready to throw Lolly away over a measly 1K words? Luckily it turned out okay. Phew... that I am calm...I will get back to seeing how many more words I can write tonight.


sisu twenty-twenty said...

omg carrie! back up your work! ;)

Smittenly Written said...

I have my own system...thank you very much.

Scary how sometimes it is just painfully obvious which SATC persona I resemble.

But how is it that I am such a Blossom PPG?

Maybe the writer version of me and all the rest of me really are two completely different things.