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Monday, December 29, 2008

A few of my favorite things... (Christmas Edition)

I thought that a post Christmas blurb could be a list of a few of my favorite things. Some of them are new, especially given all the fun I had with my family this year. We embarked on many new traditions that were the below list is a bit of recap of our fun during the holidays. I loves me some lists!!!

* Writing in my journal...which after a year is almost filled.
* Finding a really cool magnet with your name on it...on the first day of vacation!!
* Pashminas - pretty pink with lovely flower design and a turquoise one too
* New Pairs of Shoes - especially when purchased on sale
* Lovely Walks around the Inner Harbor with my Sister
* Sitting at the bar with my grandma, mom and sister laughing and drinking and chatting with the entertaining bartender
* Tanqueray No. 10 on the rocks
* Shopping with My Mommy - we are so good at it and have been sharing this experience since the late 70s.
* Watching House marathons
* Watching Law and Order (SVU) with Grandma - especially as the plot thickens
* The fun of gift giving and the ease that gift bags bring (see picture #1a and #1b below)
* Admiring Xmas Decorations that you do not have to put up or take down (see picture #2 below)
* Baltimore at Night (see pictures #3a, #3b, and #3c below)
* A car full of Vera Bradley
* Making Breakfast for everyone on our first morning back at home.
* Finding even more owl themed items from Urban Outfitters

Picture 1a -

Picture 1b -

Picture 2 -

Picture 3a -

Picture 3b -

Picture 3c -


sisu twenty-twenty said...

nice!!! thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

Becc said...

Just stopping in for a visit. Great list! Gives me some new ideas for the New Year!
Have a Happy One!!!