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Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Joy in Soyville...

A funny thing happened on New Year’s Eve. I went to work. Got lots done. Communicated. Got decisions on the things I communicated. Acted on those decisions. Crossed things off my list. Left work on time. Enjoyed a cocktail. Indulged in some appetizers. Started to savor a second cocktail…and then…I barfed. Oh what a lovely ending to a year full of transitions. I am so ready for 2009.

The big news is that I have learned that I am allergic to soy. Or perhaps it is really that I have gathered all the evidence I need to declare it. I had always sort of thought I was…but after having some healthy “whole food type” tortilla chips and whole grain chips…my body did a quick “get this stuff out of me” move. No warning at all. I started coughing and then…uh oh!!

I have to admit that over the past few years I had noticed that I would sometimes feel flushed or a bit nauseous after having some soy related products. Now I shall have to pay better attention to food labels and such. Well, instead of just looking at the number of carbs per serving (to assure I shoot up the right amount of insulin), I will now have to make sure I avoid soy.

So, how funny does this train of thoughts sound? Joy is allergic to soy. Joy can have no soy. No soy for joy.

My food nemesis rhymes with my name. Well one of them anyway…


sisu twenty-twenty said...

i am so sorry! eeks.

love the pic lol

Becc said...

Yuck! But really. You wants to eat Soy anyway?
Are you on the insulin pump? I love mine!!

Smittenly Written said...

Becc - You are so right..seriously the thought did go through my mind...I have a free pass to skip out on soy. Wahoo.

I had a deltec cozmo for a few years (after agonizing for six years to finally get one) but then went back to shots about 2 years ago. For some strange reason I felt like I had more freedom that way then being connected to the pump for 24/7. I think I'm probably a small percentage of T1 stranglings who switch back.

Although, I have been keeping my eye on the omnipod. It seems very appealing...I love that it is wireless.

What pump do you have?