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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best Movie Scene Ever...

It was an accidental find night after watching the movie Office Space another movie started that I remember seeing win Oscars. Little Miss Sunshine. Could any movie with a wacky Grandpa be bad? I think not. Could any movie about the fun of family life be bad? this case...i think not. This movie was funny and beautiful and something of a pleasent surprise. I love movies like think you are going in one direction and then you head in another.

Funny and commentary and seriousness in ridiculousness. There was a comfort about the movie that made you feel like you were traveling along in the van with them. And just when you think there could not be anything more poignoint to come happens. A scene that makes you know that you have found a new favorite movie. When the tears fill your eyes. When you can see on the screen a feeling that you have experienced. It is so makes you feel that feeling many times over.

There is an amazing power that siblings have. I have known this for over 28 will be 29 years in August. I have a sister. And there is a secret that all of us older sisters carry with us. Sometimes...a younger sister (or sibling) has the power to do what the older sister (or sibling) spends a lifetime hoping to do. Being the strong one. The one who can make things better when the other is at a loss of what to do or any ucky feeling that you hope they never have to feel.

There is a moment in the movie where a younger sister places her hand on her older brothers shoulder. She puts her arm around him and her head on his shoulder. It should be noted that the older brother has hit that "big black moment" when all you have been working for is pulled out from under you. And then...the younger sister with all the power you could ever need...brings him back. It was perfection. I know that feeling very well.

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

*sniff sniff* it's the least that can be done. coming through when for once, the oldest can't pretend it's all good! i doesn't seem like much of a thank you though...oldest's spend their whole lives being together and appropriate and perfectly behaved, while youngest's just do whatever. and just once, showing gratitude and understanding, and it's like youngests are super special powered. nope. it's just a small token of appreciation that should be shared more often, and not just when oldest's are all confunkled :|