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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday - My Favorite Day of the Week

Now more than ever...Thursday will be my favorite day of the week. :) Once I get to Thursday, January 29 I'm hoping that I can pay better attention to my friends and family. I am hoping that I can get back to being a healthy T1 diabetic (hmmm...if I have ever really been one??).

Since after Christmas I have been work obsessed...more so than usual. I can't wait to get this big meeting happening on Tuesday and Wednesday. My whole life has been consumed by these two days and fostering a teriffic gathering of really smart people. We shall see how it goes.

The things that keep me working hard are the reminders of why I work where I do and here they are (in case you were curious):

My Guides

- Joel West Baillie
- Chassity Flint
- My Grandpa

And then of course all of my camp friends and the assorted reminders/pictures scattered in my office.

There has been one thing in particular that has really kept me going. It was a Christmas Card I got from one of my very first campers. It arrived just as my work life hit supercharge and in those moments where I am totally lost...I think of my christmas card from Erin. I will cherish it forever. An everlasting camp high...

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PinkyGiraffe said...

I hope your meeting went well today, it's almost over!!! Good luck, see you soon!