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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best Quote Ever...

I was watching "Newlyweds, Nearly Dead" the other evening on the good ole' Direct TV and one of the newlyweds said of themselves...."I'm not bitchy, I'm just thorough." OMG. I LOVED this statement. I'm nothing if not thorough and I know it drives people crazy. Especially since work has been so busy and I'm running on pure adreneline and the hope of getting to the end of January successfully.

I worked late last home around 8:38pm. And did some work this morning too. fun celebrate my scratching a few things off of my to do list this AM...I got some Vera Bradley. Big surprise there. A journal and a pen in purple punch. So pretty!!!

I also went to the library and got a few more chick lit books to read. I am hoping to keep a sense of calm over the next two weeks by reading light hearted chick lit. And dreaming of someday having my very own book sit upon the shelf for people buy or check out of the library. It could happen...right??

PS - I got flowers for my birthday from some of the folks I work with. They were presented to me at a meeting in front of lots of people. Every introverts dream. ;) It was all very sweet. :) Aren't they pretty??


sisu twenty-twenty said...

yes!! they are sooo pretty!!!

and so is your notebook and pen. yay!!! i'm so reorganizing my room also so i can better display some vera's, i thinks!

MPB said...

That is truly brilliant.

I'm not bitchy... I'm thorough.

Love it.