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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ultimate Lazy...

So the main lamp in my bedroom has needed a new light bulb for over a week. Is that not ridiculous? Every night when I get home, I walk upstairs, stand in the doorway, flip the light switch, revel in my lazyness and scoff, and then step in the dark to reach to the lamp on my bureau. That is ridiculous. Ridiculously Lazy.

It has been one of those weeks...which is not a surprise at all. I had accurately predicted that January was going to be busy. Monday through Thursday my day started at work at 7am and ended at around 8:30pm. I love being busy and my new book for tracking all of my to do's is working out quite well too. Lists are the best!!! Noting the things you need to do on a particular day instead of in one long list is working out nicely for me at the moment.

The one sanity saver for me will be revealed in a post that will be forthcoming. I need to see how much progress I made this week and given that...I may feel comfortable revealing what I have been trying to do. The cool thing is...despite my work crazy busy days...I have managed to carve out time guessed it...write!!

A List for the Weekend

X Get snacks for big meeting on Tuesday (one of four reasons for the last item on my list)
* Write work stuff and send out for comment
* Write up Lolly Friar noveling from the past week
* Write in my journal about the past week - the long days and learning about how to deal with new challenges while learning about yourself
X Change light bulb in floor lamp in bedroom
* Do laundry
X Pick up dry cleaning
* Remember that your birthday in 2009 is not January 13 but February13

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