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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 3 - Indoor Tri (Swim 2, Bike 1, Run 2)

Lots of Snow!!!
In anticipation of the weather, this week's training was all about figuring out how to get in 2 swims even though snow was coming.  I shifted things around so that I swam on Monday and Wednesday.  I was the one crazy person on Wednesday night walking into the gym as the snow started falling.  Everyone was fleeing...which was nice...I had a whole pool lane to myself!!  I got in my time (Swim and Bike) back on the road back to Maryland...and made it home with no problems...and no traffic!!  Thursday was a snow was beautiful...18 inches...I worked from home and watched is snow.  It was lazy day for sure...and then it ended up being a even lazier week that I was anticipating.  Fun on Friday and Saturday made for three skip days this regrets.  I will give myself a strength training day for Friday AM...shoveling snow is a good workout...and I was excited to have zero soreness afterward.  One lesson learned was that I need a day or two in between runs...I ran on Sunday and then on Monday.  My right knee was not happy with me.  I will not do that again.

What I am finding is the most important measurement of the week are the number of days that I worked 8 hours.  The exhilaration I feel each day as I am more mindful of the is a type of freedom I have never felt before.  I'm holding myself accountable...I am in control of my time.

8 hour Work Days this week (5):  Monday - Friday

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