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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Office Ninja Olympics...

Take the time to look up...meeting spaces can be beautiful!!
Before the Winter Olympics...there was the Office Ninja Olympics.  You probably missed wasn't carried on any major networks.  In fact, just a few people witnessed it.  I earned a 10 for jumping a half wall in order to enter a coat closet that was mistakenly locked.  This is what I do.  My life's work is getting people where they need to be...with what they need...once they get there.  I also make sure that people have the information they need to make informed decisions.  I am the Office Ninja.

Of all the things I do, I love meeting/event planning the best.  So many lists.  So many logistics. So many people to please.   So much office ninja opportunity.  No matter how many meetings or events you plan...there is always some hiccup that happens and it becomes part of your work lore.  These hiccups help you to refine your prep long as the same hiccup doesn't happen twice (unless it is weather-related...because even I know you can't control that).  It is not that I anticipate them, but I do sort of look forward to them.  No matter have to figure out how to smooth the path and keep things moving along.  I love the challenge.  I love problem solving.  I love getting better and sharper.  I love a good addition to my work lore.

I had a meeting late in was one of the best for this one particular group that I gather for an all day meeting twice a year.  The meeting ended...there were no hiccups.  It is winter.  Everyone has coats...they are in a coat closet.  There are some folks who need to catch planes.  There are cabs on the way.  The coat closet is locked.  I call my contacts for the meeting one answers.  They are located off site.  People are getting angry.  The meeting space is actually an old chapel and the coat room has a partitioned wall...with an opening for a "hat check" type of set-up.  One of the attendees has managed to open the partition, but there is a large table blocking the now open space/window.  I tell everyone to ignore the boom that is about to happen.  I push the table, it falls to the floor.  I'm ready to do work...I'm going to jump the wall and open the door from the other side.  I'm the Office Ninja...nothing stands in my way.

One of my workmates pleads, "You are wearing a dress."  I laugh.  "I have on is okay."  And then I jump the wall...this is why I go the never know when you are going to need to hoist yourself up on a wall and swing over.  I make everyone promise not laugh if the weight of me and my boots breaks the table when I land on it.  The table doesn't break.  There is an applause.  I unlock the door.  Coats are retrieved.  Attendees are happy again.  It is still a good meeting.  My record stands.  Then the cabs don't I drive a few folks to the metro.  They are happy.  I am happy.  The office ninja has done it again.  And now...the office ninja is working hard at getting it all done...within an 8 hour window.

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