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Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 1 - Indoor Tri (Swim - 0, Bike - 2, Run - 2)

My first adventure on the Spin Bike!!
It feels really good to have some training to blog about has been a long while since October wrapped up!!  The first week of my Indoor Tri Training is in the books...and for my first full week back in the swing...I'm pretty happy.  I only missed one addition to my allowed "rest" day.  It was a really busy work week and I let it get the best of me on Monday and Tuesday.

It was a cute thought I had about heading to one of the VA Lifetime Fitness's two days during the work week to get in some swimming.  My Lifetime doesn't have a I have to go to Virginia or Columbia to swim.  I'm not sure what I was thinking actually...I thought on Monday's and Thursday's I would treat myself to leaving work on time and get some time in the pool.  It did not happen.  Maybe I can make it happen this week?  I'm not going to give up on this thought.  I need to not let work continue to consume me.  Worst case, I'll swim on the weekends...but I think shaking things up during the work week is what I need most. 

I am actually most stressed about the bike leg of the race because I don't ever do much time on the bike at the gym.  That is changing.  I loved my Wednesday and Friday workouts on the bike...I also think I discovered some muscles I didn't know I have after using the spin bike.  There is ample strength training in my plan too...a few days a I am very happy about that.  Not much in terms of cross training...but I clocked some significant time on the elliptical on Saturday for fun!!   I have also committed to not walk/running any more.  I will only run.  I was able to run a full 20 minutes for each of my training runs this week...this was a huge deal.  I did it.  I did it with zero pain!!  I'm so excited to keep at it...and hopefully see my speed increase as the weeks progress.  Only seven weeks to go!!

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