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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 12 - The Road to 13.1

It was a week of adjustments and lots of work interruptions.  I have been down a person on my team at the office so instead of my usual two jobs...I sort of have three at the moment.  The good news is...I did 10 miles on Friday the pretty morning sunshine.  The bad news is...earlier in the time with Gym was not as stellar as I had wanted it to be.  I missed Thursday.  I missed Tuesday.  I missed Pilates on Monday...again!!  I felt very, very guilty and a little bitter.  Since my dates with Gym are how I keep my sanity with a stressful job...the tension builds...and nothing good comes from that.  My saving grace was a weekend at Camp for an Under Seven Family Weekend and it was exactly what I needed to get my calm back.  Perspective.  Fun.  Camp Family.  I got home in time to tailgate before the DC United game...and we drew!!  I'm feeling refueled and re-energized.  As I head into the last weeks of training...I have lots of good swirling around me...all of which will see me through to the end of the race.  And hightailing it to a soccer game...with a medal in hand!!

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