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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 10 - The Road to 13.1

An then there was just a month...just four weeks left...things are really getting real...and it is just plain fantastic!!  It was a very good training week filled with good strength training, good walk/runs, and even time on the elliptical.  Oh yes...and there was shopping!!  I needed to pick out some kind of pack that will hold snacks, Gummie Lifesavers, insulin pens, water, blood sugar testing stuff, chap-stick, sunblock and anything else I might need on race day during the actual race.  This was a hard decision...I did not go by color or style.  I went by which one easiest to access water bottles from, which one felt less annoying while walk/running and which one was easiest to tighten.  I had a good test walk/run on was only six miles...but my time was I am feeling much better about finishing the half marathon in just under 4 hours.  Can't say I felt the same way a few weeks ago!!  I'm excited for this coming Saturday because I will have my longest walk/run before the race...10 miles!!  I should learn quite a bit of things on that journey...and probably work on my tan too!!

I should note that I have a few ideas already percolating about what kinds of fitness challenges I am going to do once the half and marathon are behind me.  Cross-Fit is definitely on the list.  The kind of a surprise to me...maybe a soccer clinic.  I went to my first women's soccer game last Saturday and it made me really want to learn to play.  I would want to be a keeper...there is no doubt in my mind...but I am curious to learn more hands-on about tactics.  Books are good...but I actually think I want to get out on a pitch and see how it all fits together.  And don't is not just because I would have to get a pair of boots and other gear...I swear!!

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