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Sunday, February 7, 2010

OGYST - Week 4 in Review (Belated Post)

The fourth week of 2010 was awesome...even if I am now posting about it after week 5. This will be a brief post...but in terms of getting to the gym...I totally rocked it!!!

Here is a quick list of each of my four focus areas.

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #4

1. Controling When I Look at Blackberry - Doing really well...very busy with a huge meeting coming up...but I am just waiting until the next morning to get things done. It gets easier to do it seems...and news flash...the world doesn't end.

2. Take Time to Breathe - Overall doing well in the area of keeping some sense of calm. Focusing on doing one thing at a time. I still feel a difference in my stress level (not as bad as 2009...which is my gauge).

3. Go to the Movies - Nope. But check out #4 below!!!

4. Gym = Transition - I got to the gym four times this week...three strength training sessions and one kick ass Cardio. I ripped it up on the elliptical on Tuesday night. Felt so frigging good. Clocked some nice sauna time on Friday after my workout. That is like my new favorite thing. Did Cardio at home on Sunday and Saturday...Thursday was my off day. Very proud of my work this week.

5. Other - Quick happy hour with some of my IT friends...wished I could have stayed longer...but Thursday is "Grandma and Me" evening. We had a blast!!! Fun driving in the terrible conditions with my sister on Saturday. Roads were really bad...but I am totally loving all of the snow this year. Makes this January Baby a happy, happy girl!!

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights: Another session with my personal trainer. Seeing a new retinologist...always a bit stressful. Haven't been in over a I am worried about my eyeballs. It is the only (thank goodness) diabetes related issue that I have to deal with. More snow??? Lots of work to do. Getting back to my good eating habits?

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