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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Diavista Must Have...

Many years ago I decided to go on an insulin pump and had to go to training. It was a fun experience because I was in my mid-20's and my classmates were 12 and 6. The 12 year old was a little girl and she had the most fantastic medical id bracelet. She was so excited to tell me about Lauren's Hope and how they had all of these cool bracelets with little clips on the end that can attach to your Medic Alert medallions. Having worn a regular old braclet for many, many years...I was ecstatic to know that I could be fashionable with my life saving identification.

Since then I have had all kinds of fun things, including watches. Let me tell you...I would have totally flipped out if they had this type of thing when I was younger. They even have a G&S type sport band too. And...well...I'm not going to lie...I may have one of those in purple too. ;)

This past week, as I was going through emails (I am very bad about checking personal email) I had one from Lauren's Hope. And there it was. This amazing bracelet. I have to have it. I am in love. I must order it. RIGHT NOW!!! My health totally depends upon it.

Is she not the prettiest thing ever???

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