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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meeting Prep...

I have a few quirks and I am okay with admiting it. A few times a year, I am tasked with pulling together a really big meeting. A few days before the meeting there are a few things that I do, without fail. Actually, I don't even think about it really. It just sort of happens. Ready for a list? I thought so...

1) Buy a new Vera Bradley Purse or Bag

2) Buy a new outfit for each day of the meeting

3) Pick out which Vera Bradley Hipster Bag I will use (Perfect for all the essentials - pens, pencils, blackberry, and cellphone)

So today, in preparation for next Tuesday and Wednesday...I took care of things.

1) Purchased Vera Bradley Messenger Bag in Yellow Bird (It was on sale by the way)

2) Purchased a fun long wrap-around sweather and a cute jacket (Both on sale!!)

3) Black Microfiber Hipster will be my command center that will not leave my side during the duration of the meeting.

And you know...when I pack my bags...Vera Bradley Duffle and Satchel will be stuffed to the gills. Night Owl case you curious. ;)

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