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Monday, February 8, 2010


As you may have gathered, I am not afraid of hard work. Especially the kind of work that seems impossible. My favorite kind of challenges are those that are more physical in nature...where my patience and ability to keep calm are tested. Such was the case over the past weekend. I love snow. I still love snow...even though we just got a whole bunch and may get a bunch more. I love how perfectly quiet it is. I think it is magical. It takes an every day scene...and changes it into something new. Call me crazy, I can take it. I love snow. The End.

After a fun-filled Friday evening of shoveling and a Saturday afternoon adventure too...I knew that there would be more. There is a little unknown fact when you live atop a cul de generally get screwed by the snowplow. It annoys me sometimes...but mostly I love the challenge it presents. Come on snowplow...bring it. No mound is too high. No stretch of snow too wide. I can so handle it. And I did...once again...on Sunday morning.

The Challenge - Clearing the snow between the end of the driveway and the street

The Challenge - Complete

Take that Snowplow!!!!!!

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Kelly said...

As a two-time cul-de-sac resident, I completely agree that the snow plow is no friend.