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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Will I Ever Get to the Finish Line? (Word Count = 97,300)

Well, here I am having increased another 1K worth of words and I am a bit lost at the moment. My characters have done that divergence thing that they tend to do...which is good...but I just keep thinking back to all the work I am going to have to do once I am "done" with this first pass. I know I should just keep pushing through and get this first draft done. Then I can go back and really write this novel.

That sounds so devestating doesn't it? I will finish this first draft and then I will have to go back and really turn it into something. I'm so scared of falling into old behaviors. Will I have the strength and tenacity to do it? No amount of Vera Bradely is going to help me to truly deliver something that people want to read. I know that I can write...but my big fear stens from the fact that I do not have much confidence in my storytelling. I'm trying not to think about this minor huge point...or the fact that I wear it like a crown. Ineptitude much? name is Joy and I am a writer...but I can't tell a story. Hmph...I guess I won't know unless I try right? I WILL finish this novel and clean it up for consumption by those poor souls who are willing to read it. I'm in one of those dark writer moments where a pink cocktail would really help...but it is a work I'll just go to bed.

Here's to a good writing AM before work at Starbucks...with my lovely pink laptop and fabulous bag in tow.


sisu twenty-twenty said...

it's going to be fine. it just like those essay write, what you think, is the biggest piece of awful in your whole life, and you teacher says 'best essay yet!" KIIPS!!!! you are actively working on this thing, that alone is an accomplishment. you have to just omg, release your inhibitions and feel the rain on your skin! (sorry, unwritten came up in the playlist)

:) you can do it!!!!!! i'm sure after the movies on friday, you'll be all inspireds!

Smittenly Written said...

Thanks. I got to 98K this AM at my coffee was free. How cool is that??