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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things to be ecstatic about... (Word Count = 100,020)

I have been having great success writing each morning at Starbucks...the Vera Bradley laptop bag has proven to be a wise investment. I'm in a good writing groove and managed to reach a new word count high even though I slept in this AM. I just improvised. I wrote in the cafeteria at work before work. Genius.

There are lots of things that I'm quite overjoyed about (isn't that silly?? can i be overjoyed??) and here is a list...because I am crazy for the lists!!!

List of Things to be Overjoyed About

* Hitting 100,000 words in your current "work in progress" and 230 pages. This novel may actually be born folks!!
* Dinner with the Three J's Tonight (We are quite the Trio!!!)
* Rescheduled Birthdays only being one day away
* Four Day Weekends
* Friday AM Writing Sessions with Writing Friends
* Rescheduled Birthday Celebrations on Friday Night with your Bestest Friend
* Vera Bradley Spring/Summer Accessories - Beach Towels, Flip Flops, and Sunglasses...Oh My!!
* Thinking about scheduling a Vera Party so that my fellow Vera Addicts and I can shop...I mean browse...the new stuff that is coming out. Especially since I had to miss the one in January... :***(
* Shopaholic Movie Release - just one more day!!
* Using more than one exclamation mark...cuz that is how you roll!!!
* Hearing Head Automatica on XM Radio and remembering what a good band they are. Especially live and right up front in the front row.
* New kitchen appliances that make the most used room in the house even cozier than before. I wonder if I will even learn to cook on the new stove...or just continue to perfect my "reheating" skills?
* Cleaning up your desk at work and admiring all the Daisy Daisy Vera Bradley flair you have sprinkled around.

Welcome to my Giddiness!!! :) Do you get that I'm seriously overjoyed?? There is no container big enough to hold it all in!!! ;)