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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things to be ecstatic about... (Weekend Version)

Now that I am on Facebook, I seem to be thinking about my life in terms of status updates. It is kind of fun...but fruitless...because I never actually type them up into facebook. Here are a few examples - -

* Joy is watching the Ace of Cakes marathon...which is yummier Duff or the cake?
* Joy just got Munchkins for staff meeting...thinking everyone could use the carbs.
* Joy is driving home and when she saw a car that looked like one of Grandpa's she slowed down to see if it was him.
* Joy is reading Vanity Fair and thinks it is time to watch the Godfather triology again.
* Joy is gearing up to take stuff out of the basement...a trip to the dump is on the 'to do' list for the weekend.

It is a silly thing really...why would I deem to think that anyone would find the above interesting...but I meander through my day this is what I think about.

Now...on to what I really wanted to post about and of course it is a list. I'm a list enjoy!!!

List of Things to be Overjoyed About

* Giving away things you don't need to families that do
* Continuing to clean out the basement
* Meeting up with fellow Vera addicts for shopping
* Leaving work almost on time on a Friday
* Having an awesome sister who digitizes old photos in a snap
* Looking through old photos finally realizing why you take them in the first place
* Posting vintage photos on facebook of you and your sister from back in the day
* Seeing how even back in the and your sister were totally best friends
* Counting down to spring vacation
* Having a cocktail after a really intense work week
* Feeling like you might actually have some time to do novel writing at your writing a real writer


PinkyGiraffe said...

This is a great picture of the 2 of you!!!

Ello said...

That is the cutest picture!!!!

sisu twenty-twenty said...

totally agreed on the godfather thing. i think i have them all on dvd now too.

Maki said...

So sweet!! I love all the list!!

Cute photo and I love your facebook photo, too!