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Friday, February 20, 2009

Rescheduled Birthday...Status Report #2

So I am a bit remiss in reporting the rest of my rescheduled birthday. It was perfect and filled with hi jinx too. The rest of the morning was filled with writing fun with Lisa and Ellen and concluded with a yummy lunch. In terms of Lolly Friar Progress I got another 1K words and updated my scene tracking spreadsheet. 13 Chapters down and about 7 to go...but I am trying not to think about all the "clean up" work that will need to be done. Otherwise I will give up...and can't do that this time.

After lunch I went to pick up my sister so that we could see our first movie of the day - He's Just Not That into You. I was happily surprised by how much I liked the had some rather good character development scenes that had my sister and I chatting afterwards. Her comments (which were spot on) related to the fact that the movie was much like a play - scenes were simple in terms of back drop so you really concentrated on the characters themselves and how their stories intertwined. You could fully focus on the characters without a bunch of noise in terms of visual stuff in the background. I'm not sure if that makes sense...

After movie number one, we did a bit of shopping and browsing. I'm not going to lie...we went to two Vera Bradley stores. The coolest thing was that I found (on sale!!) my Christmas Cards for next year. I always love finding cards with my name on them...and I did. They were Vera Wang and did I mention on sale? So of course I bought five boxes with 10 cards in each. That should be enough!! Then we had some dinner...which was simple and yummy. We each got a rose from the restaurant owner...which was very sweet.

It was off to the Confessions of a Shopaholic after that. It was cute because we ran into someone I used to work with who was there with their daughter and a bunch of giddy 12 year olds celebrating the daughter's birthday. Too cute!! I was surprised to be in the theatre with a bunch of tweens...I had not realized the movie was PG. Well...the book was pretty I should not be too surprised. It was very cute and very fun. I liked how the first book and second book were joined into the movie...sort of. I thought that John Goodman and Joan Cusak as Becky Bloomwood's parents was perfect. They were even better (I thought) than her parents in the book. I also loved that the scarf played such a crucial role in the story. I love it when objects do that in books and movies. I really appreciated how the aspects of the scarf didn't deviate from the book...although in the movie it was not an outrageous Hermes scarf like in the book. I am still disappointed by the fact that the white handkerchief in Memoirs of a Geisha had a different fate in the movie than it did in the book. It still bothers me...because I was waiting throughout the movie to see that scene from the book played out on the screen.

Now for the hi jinx I promised. As we get ready to leave, we get to the parking attendant and we do not have enough money to get out of the parking lot. I thought we got there after 5pm so parking would only be $1. I was wrong. We got there it was $9. Needless to sister and I learned a valuable lesson. Keep money on hand for emergencies like needing to pay for parking...not emergencies like I need to buy this purse or these really cute Christmas Cards on sale. Hmmm...I'm thinking we might have missed the point of the Shopaholic movie. :)

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Ello said...

Now THAT sounded like a great day!!!